Bio-Remodelling Injections Sydney

Bio-remodelling is a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment designed to revive and rejuvenate the skin. It is an injectable procedure that stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, making it smoother, firmer, and more youthful.

As we get older, the effects of ageing and sun damage can become more visible, leading to the appearance of dry, ageing, and wrinkled skin. This is often due to a loss of collagen over time, which are fibres that keep the skin youthful and elastic. Bio-remodelling is a great way to reverse ageing signs and give your skin a boost in vitality and hydration.

Our clinic provides high-quality, personalised treatments to men and women in Sydney CBD, Hills District, Central Coast and Albury-Wodonga. Inquire to discover how you can get smooth, hydrated skin with bio-remodelling treatments.

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What is bio-remodelling?

Bio-remodelling injections have a history of success in Europe and are new to the Australian market. They are an innovative and clinically proven way to improve skin laxity and signs of ageing without surgery. This makes them a highly-sought after treatment for people seeking anti-ageing results without invasive methods and long recovery times.

They are a type of injectable treatment that uses hyaluronic acid (HA) to hydrate the skin and stimulate collagen. Unlike fillers, bio-remodellers do not remain in place once injected. Instead, the substance spreads beneath the skin, allowing for widespread hydration in the treatment areas. This process restores moisture to the skin tissue, whilst, at the same time, lifting and firming the skin. This achieves a number of beautifying outcomes, including wrinkle reduction, tissue repair, and an overall improvement in skin tone and texture.

How they work

A bio-remodelling treatment uses concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) to hydrate and revive the skin deeply. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural substance found in the skin and joints, helping to retain moisture and keep the body youthful. When injected, the formula flows uniformly beneath the surface of the skin before integrating with the tissue, triggering cell renewal and fibroblasts (a type of cell responsible for the formation of collagen).

During the treatment, your clinician injects the bio-remodelling product into the skin using five strategic injection points. The careful positioning of these injections will help to minimise risks whilst maximising the diffusion of the substance. Bio-remodelling injections are bioabsorbable, making them a natural and convenient option for many people seeking a boost in skin rejuvenation.

Good candidates

Since bio-remodelling injections are comprised of a natural substance and have an excellent safety record, the treatment can be beneficial for a range of patients. However, prior to your bio-remodelling treatment, a consultation with Dr Laniewski will help clarify your skin needs and ensure that this treatment option is right for you. This initial meeting will provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions about the treatment and let us know about any health issues that may affect your suitability. After we have discussed your needs and how bio-remodelling may be conducive to your skin goals, we can begin designing your bespoke treatment plan.

If you are physically healthy and seeking a quality treatment to improve your skin tone and texture, book your bio-remodelling consultation and find out if the option is right for you.

Cost of bio-remodelling injections

The cost of bio-remodelling treatments may vary depending on the requirements of the patient. When discussing your treatment plan, we will need to consider your health requirements, any past treatments you have had, and what you hope to get from your procedure. We can then determine the exact techniques required and the number of treatments that will best serve your needs. Therefore, if you have questions about costs, we can answer them and discuss your treatment during an initial consultation.

Bio-remodelling aftercare

Patients can expect to see gradual improvement in their skin hydration and elasticity in the days and weeks after treatment. During this time, the effects of new collagen fibres will strengthen the skin and produce a firmer, vibrant appearance.

Although bio-remodelling is a minimally invasive treatment, patients should still be mindful to care appropriately for their skin. This will ensure any risks are minimised and help optimise the rejuvenating effects of the injections. For example, Dr Laniewski may recommend that you do not wear makeup for the first 12 hours after treatment and avoid exercise for the first 48 hours. It is also important to stay hydrated and avoid contact with extreme temperatures.

Why choose Dr Laniewski

Dr Peter Laniewski is a skilled and experienced medical practitioner who is dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals. A consultation with Dr Laniewski and his friendly team will help you to understand your treatment options, based on your individual concerns and desired outcomes. We will develop a bespoke treatment plan to help you look and feel your best, as well as answer any questions you may have about your chosen treatment. Book your consultation today to find out more about the great benefits of bio-remodelling treatments.

Frequently asked questions

How many treatments will I need?

Bio-remodelling can be performed as a once-off treatment to boost and revive the skin. However, some people may benefit from further maintenance treatments. The exact number of bio-remodelling treatments you require will be decided during your consultation with Dr Laniewski. He will assess your skin condition and goals in order to recommend an appropriate plan.

Does bio-remodelling have side effects?

Although bio-remodelling is considered very low-risk, every injectable treatment comes with some possible risks and side effects. Side effects such as redness, sensitivity, itchiness, or swelling should subside on their own and can be relieved by using a cold compress. If you experience more serious or concerning side effects, contact us for further guidance.

Who is not suitable for bio-remodelling?

Bio-remodelling may not be suitable for everyone. People who are prone to bleeding disorders or who are allergic to hyaluronic acid should seek alternative options. Additionally, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should speak to a medical practitioner before pursuing this treatment.

What should I avoid after treatment?

After treatment, patients should avoid the following:

  • Saunas, hot baths, and direct sun exposure
  • Icy temperatures
  • Movements that cause physical strain
  • Chemical peels, filler injections, and IPL for two weeks