MESOPEEL’S Deep Cleansing / Superficial Hydration Professional Treatments

Deep Cleansing & Superficial Hydration Peels

Mesoestetic’s Mesopeel are great to prepare the skin for any in-depth Depigmenting, anti-aging, or hydrating treatments. They also give an amazing result when done in a course of 5 sessions at 14-day intervals to renew the skin.

Deep Cleansing Treatment This treatment is an ideal solution for oily and combination skin types. It will effectively prepare the skin for Mesoestetic advanced treatments. Your skin will be left feeling deeply cleansed, calm and smooth. This treatment incorporates the Mesopeel Salicylic 10%.

Crystal Fibre Mask Application 300x225 1

Superficial Hydration Treatment A super hydrating treatment catered to dry and sensitive skins combining exfoliation and hydration leaving the skin feeling calm and regenerated. This treatment is also a great preparation to any of the Mesoestetic advanced treatments. Incorporated with the Lactic Acid 30%

  • Deep Cleansing / Superficial Hydration Course x5 -$660(including omnilux with each session RRP $90)
  • Single Sessions -$140
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Mesopeel 10 Salicylic Acid 175x300 1