How To Find the Best Breast Surgeon in Sydney

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How To Find the Best Breast Surgeon in Sydney

In 2017, 500,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were completed in Australia. Of those, 20,000 were breast augmentations. These numbers will only continue to increase, as more people become comfortable with the idea of enhancing their appearance through surgery.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, or another form of plastic surgery, it is critical to do your research and be cautious when deciding on a breast surgeon to perform the procedure.

Your first step may have been a simple internet search. If so, you may have found that googling the phrase ‘best breast surgeon in Sydney’ resulted in dozens of different options. So, how do you narrow it down to the perfect breast surgeon for you?

The truth is, plastic surgery is a highly individualised experience and there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” practice or surgeon. You could get the exact same implants as someone you know, yet find that their surgeon isn’t the right fit for you. And that’s okay.

As mentioned, it pays to do your research beforehand in order to increase the likelihood of getting the best possible experience and result. Here are our tips on how to find the best breast surgeon in Sydney:

Talk to friends, family members and acquaintances

Consider the people close to you. Has anyone in your social circle, such as a family member, close friend or co-worker, had any cosmetic work done? If so, they are a great person to turn to for advice.

Ask them to give an honest rundown of the entire process, from the consultation to the surgery and recovery process. This can help determine whether the experience they had with their surgeon may be right for you.

Don’t personally know anyone who has experience with cosmetic surgery? Don’t be afraid to ask around, someone you know may know someone who has had work done, and may be able to provide some insight.

Speak with your local GP

If you’re looking for a more professional opinion than what a friend can offer, a great option is to speak with you local GP. In fact, many of Dr Laniewski’s patients come with a referral from a doctor or medical professional.

Medical professionals have typically seen a range of breast surgery results and want to avoid the issues associated with unqualified surgeons performing breast procedures. In short, many healthcare professionals know who the best surgeons are, and they are often open to making recommendations.

Read reviews online

No matter the product or service you are looking for, reading online reviews can be a massive help to the decision-making process. This is no different for breast surgery.

Patient reviews and testimonials on online forums can provide valuable, honest feedback regarding the experience of real patients of your potential surgeon candidates.

Despite that, it is always important to take the information you find online with a grain of salt. Although reviews can be an extremely helpful resource and a great place to start, they may not always provide the most accurate information. As mentioned, every patient is different, and the negative experience of one patient does not mean that your experience will be so.

Analyse the surgeon’s style and approach

Cosmetic surgery is just as much an art as it is a science and a good plastic surgeon is able to customise their procedures to suit each patient’s situation and needs. During your search for the best breast surgeon in Sydney, be sure to study the style and approach of a number of potential surgeons.

Looking at before and after galleries is a great way to get an idea of a surgeon’s skills and patient satisfaction levels. You can check out Dr Laniewski’s breast gallery here.

Beyond that, make sure you look out for results on patients with a similar body type to your own and those with results that match your goals. After all, the best breast surgeon for you is likely to be someone whose style of work matches your own aesthetic desires.

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Check their qualifications

You may have found a surgeon whose results you love, however you must check their qualifications, experience and credentials before making a final decision. In Australia, it is legal for any doctor with a medical degree to perform surgery, despite not being a qualified plastic surgeon.

Additionally, you should also confirm that your potential surgeon candidates are well experienced in the procedure you’re looking to receive. If undergoing a breast augmentation, you should ideally choose a surgeon who specialises in breast surgery.

The best way to find accredited plastic surgeons is by visiting the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons website. Dr. Laniewski is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years of breast surgery experience, both in Australia and abroad.

Book a consultation

The best way to determine whether a potential surgeon is a right fit is to book a consultation. Come with any questions or concerns that you may have, and be sure to clearly communicate exactly what you are looking for.

During your consultation, listen to your surgeon and assess whether they have truly understood your goals and desires. If they mention concepts such as individually tailored procedures, body balance and aesthetically pleasing outcomes, this is a good sign.

Ultimately, you should leave your consultation feeling confident that you and the surgeon are on the same page regarding your aesthetic goals. We’d recommend visiting as many surgeons as you need until you feel confident in your decision.

Choose a surgeon you trust

The most important thing is to choose a surgeon who you can trust to achieve the results you want. After all, having a personal connection and ease of communication with your surgeon can make the difference between a good and a great plastic surgery experience.

By finding a surgeon that you trust, you will feel more confident going into surgery and be more comfortable having discussions regarding your aesthetic goals, lifestyle and health. While it may take a few tries to find the right surgeon, this is not a decision that you should rush into.

Start your Surgical Journey with Dr Laniewski

If your breast surgeon research has brought you to Dr Laniewski, you may be curious to learn more about his experience and expertise. To find out more, contact us today to book a consultation.



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