PDT Treatment

What to expect after your PDT treatment

  • Your skin may be quite red like you have been sunburned. This is normal and means that the treatment has been effective
  • Your skin will be extremely sensitive to light for up to 48 hours after treatment, strict sun avoidance is required.
  • You should avoid all sun exposure for 48 hours and preferably wear a broad brimmed hat as well as broad spectrum SPF 30 + sunscreen during the healing process.
  • Your skin will begin to peel within 2-4 days. Do not pick or peel flaking skin.
  • Bathe as usual after treatment, aggressive scrubbing, rubbing or scratching should be avoided.
  • Expect redness, peeling and occasionally crusting. Bleeding and pus are reasons to contact the practice.
  • Peeling usually occurs from 72 hours to 7 days post treatment. Do not use your fingers to pull peeling skin off.
  • If you develop a cold sore after treatment, contact the practice.
  • Bland, soap-free cleansers and moisturizes such as Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser are ideal.
  • Pain and swelling can be treated with ibuprofen if you are not sensitive to it.
  • Ice or cool packs may be applied if there is a little swelling.
  • Your skin will begin to heal naturally within 7-14 days.
  • Please contact the practice on 88248481/1300322337 if you have any concerns.
  • Please book a follow up appointment 14 days after the procedure.