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The abdominoplasty surgery is also referred to as a tummy tuck. The ideal candidate is a man or woman with loose and excess skin around the belly. The causes of this loose skin can be numerous. Loose skin is most often the result of one or more pregnancies. Loose skin is also quite often the reality for patients, men and women, who have undergone a dramatic weight loss.

While some may want to believe that liposuction and a tummy tuck are similar procedures, the truth is that they are actually quite different. Dr Laniewski does used the two procedures together, to restore your shape. Your doctor may recommend combining other cosmetic procedures during your tummy tuck, so that you can get the best in results.

There are several benefits to undergoing the tummy tuck surgery. The surgical procedure will remove excess skin that may be causing discomfort and may even be responsible for infection if there are areas where it folds on itself. In addition, the surgery also tightens the abdominal muscles and flattens the abdomen. This combination of benefits can also boost your confidence levels, making you feel much more like your old self.

A short consultation with Dr Peter Laniewski can help you to determine the best solution to meet your cosmetic goals. Whether that means involving liposuction, undergoing a mini-abdominoplasty with a small scar, or have more extensive abdominoplasty procedure.


The abdominoplasty surgery removes loose and excess skin, along with stubborn fat deposits that may not otherwise respond to diet and exercise. Your surgeon will make an incision to remove the excess skin. Liposuction may be needed, to remove any stubborn fat deposits. Healthy skin is stretched taut to close up the incision.

The abdominal muscles may also need to be restored. This is often seen when the surgery is done to repair damage to the body after pregnancy. Skin that has been significantly stretched out, as is seen with pregnancy and weight gain, will not be able to fully snap back. It is quite common for women who have had several pregnancies or twin pregnancies to have loose skin that simply doesn’t go away.

During the surgery, your surgeon will contour the skin by trimming it and will also adjust the muscles in order to achieve the best in cosmetic results.

The tummy tuck surgery is the ideal choice for those for whom diet and exercise alone cannot successfully trim the skin and remove the stubborn fat deposits. Women who have seen extensive skin stretching as a result of pregnancy. It is also a good option for men who would like a flat belly after having lose weight. Patients should be in good general health and be as close to their ideal goal weight as possible. Tummy tuck surgery is not a weight loss procedure.

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Tummy tuck patient before and after 06, Dr Laniewski, front view

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The tummy tuck procedure is considered to be a safe surgery. It is, however, still an invasive surgical procedure that may require a hospital day for a few days. Recovery at home is typically steady and relatively easy.

There will be postoperative swelling that may make it hard to see the final results. Flatter tummy results can be seen and appreciated immediately after surgery. There will, of course, be scarring. Your surgeon, however, will take steps to minimise the appearance of scarring and it will of course lighten with good scar care protocols.

You may need tubing to drain excess fluid while you are healing. This is fairly common and should not cause you any addition discomfort during the recovery phase. Dr Laniewski will also provide you with the details you need to ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as is possible. This includes support and information regarding the healing process, bandage care, staying comfortable, and of course expected outcomes during the following months.


You will need to plan well prior to your abdominoplasty. Stock up on the supplies that you will need upon your return home. Fill any prescriptions in advance so that you have them on hand when you get home. Ensure that you will have meals ready, or someone to help you to prepare meals. Put the tight-fitting clothes away for now, as it’ll be several weeks before you’re feeling up to wearing anything that isn’t ultra-loose and comfortable. Loose fitting clothing is going to be your go to during recovery.

You will need assistance with showering, once you are able to shower. You will need a friend, family member or taxi to take you home after surgery, as driving will be uncomfortable and is ill-advised right after surgery.


The costs associated with a tummy tuck can vary considerably between patients. There are a number of factors that can be unique to each individual, and that can have an impact on how much the tummy tuck procedure will cost. The amount of excess skin and fat that needs to be removed will definitely factor into the cost, as will the type of surgery that Dr Laniewski opts to perform on you. A more extensive surgery, with more extensive repair needed, may cost more than a straightforward mini tummy tuck.

Patients will consider postoperative costs associated with surgery. This could include the cost of prescriptions and the compression garments that will be needed to get the best possible results of your tummy tuck. You will also need time off from work, and will not be able to drive for some time. This may also factor into your ability to budget the surgery.


There is, of course, a small risk with any type of surgical procedure. This is why we encourage you to share your complete medical history with us prior to your tummy tuck. We will take all possible steps needed to keep you healthy and strong during your surgery.

There is also a very small risk of postoperative complications. However, you will be monitored during your hospital stay to ensure that your recovery from the tummy tuck goes as smoothly as is possible.

Occasionally, bleeding can occur directly after the operation. Your surgeon will correct this both in the operating theatre and during recovery if needed. As with any surgery, there is also the risk of infection. Your doctor and team will be able to provide you with the recovery assistance that you will need.

Smokers will need to stop smoking several weeks prior to surgery. It’s important to refrain from smoking for several weeks after surgery. Smoking can result in complications during the surgery and it can also slow down the healing phase.

You will need to tell Dr Laniewski if you routinely take any medications, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter supplements. You just may be surprised at some of the adverse reactions that are possible from taking herbal supplements or even aspirin.


Immediately after your surgery, you will notice the results of the surgery. However, complete recovery and smooth comfortable mobility can take between a few weeks to a few months. Don’t get discouraged, as the physical and cosmetic improvements you see are ongoing and permanent. Some patients can return to work after two weeks of recovery. This, however, will be dependent on the physical nature of your work. Your personal rate of recovery will also play a factor in how soon you will be able to return to work and your normal active lifestyle.

It is normal and expected to experience numbness, bruising and tenderness during recovery. Bruising and discomfort will be much better after your first week of recovery. Numbness may continue for several months. Your doctor will provide you with the appropriate pain medications to ensure your comfort levels are maintained from the moment your surgery is over, to the moment that you no longer need pain management.

If you would like to find out more information about a tummy tuck, or perhaps other cosmetic surgery procedures, contact Dr Laniewski on 1300 278 972. Now is the right time to start planning for your healthier and more confident future.