Circumferential Belt Lipectomy (Body Lift) Sydney NSW

Achieving weight loss goals through exercise and diet provides many health benefits. However, negative body image can still occur due to sagging, irregular body shape, or a dimpled skin surface caused by cellulite. A body lift helps to restore the shape and tone to the body by reducing the amount of unwanted fat and skin.

Tissue elasticity varies from person to person, and the situation can be exacerbated by general aging, genetic factors, sun damage and pregnancy. A body lift is most suitable for people who are renewing their determination to maintain reasonable levels of fitness, coupled with sensible nutrition and lifestyle habits.


A body lift can be described as an extended abdominoplasty(tummy tuck). A circumferential belt lipectomy will change the shape of the abdomen, as well as tighten skin on the hips, back, and buttocks. Dr Laniewski may also discuss additional procedures such as rhytidectomy( facelift), mastopexy( breast lift )and brachioplasty(arm lift) where indicated. Liposuction may also be considered during this procedure.


An initial consultation with Dr Laniewski will help to determine the condition of your skin and body, including unwanted fat deposits and general tone. He will take into consideration your overall health, along with goals and expectations, before making a surgical plan that will provide the best results. He will explain the procedure in detail, including the surgery and post-operation care for a comfortable recovery. During the initial consultation you will be expected to disclose any factors that could affect outcomes, including your smoking status, use of medications, other drugs, and even vitamin supplements.


You are an individual, and your body lift procedure will be personalised to treat your unique circumstances, targeting specific regions of your body. When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the results can be very positive, although there are limitations. A body lift can help remove symptoms of aging or damaging lifestyle habits, but continued improvements are reliant on moderate exercise and good habits once you have recovered from the operation.

A body lift involves removal of excess skin, and depending on the areas you want to target the incisions can be extensive. On the plus side, Dr Laniewski will ensure that incisions are strategically located so they are conveniently hidden by clothing and swimsuits.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia in a fully accredited surgical hospital . A circumferential belt lipectomy ( body lift) operation can take several hours, followed by 2-3 days in the hospital for initial recovery. During this time your condition will be monitored by Dr Laniewski. Surgical drains may be used for up to a week to remove unwanted fluids, and surgical tape will support the skin during initial recovery.


Results will be observed immediately post surgery, however, wounds may take several weeks to heal completely. Complete recovery may take some time as swelling resolves and incision scars lighten to a less noticeable colour. You will need someone to take you home after your hospital stay, and it’s a good idea to prepare your home in readiness for your return. Planning ahead also involves taking a few weeks off work or any other responsibilities that involve strenuous physical activity. Avoid any extended stretching, lifting, or vigorous exercise until recovery is further progressed. Pain relief medication will be prescribed if required.


Circumferential belt lipectomy (body lift) surgery may be performed for aesthetic as well as health reasons. Surgery to remove excess skin and fat may be beneficial for joint health, freedom of movement and general well being.

Return to work and resumption of regular activities and routines may take several weeks as the surgery is quite extensive. You may have long and visible scars that need care and scar therapy. Results of circumferential belt lipectomy (body lift) can be if good nutrtion and exercise routines are maintained.


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