Breast Reconstruction Sydney NSW

Breast reconstruction surgery is a medical procedure performed to change the shape, size, and appearance of a breast or breasts that have been altered or removed due to various factors such as breast cancer, trauma, or congenital abnormalities. This can involve several techniques depending on individual circumstances and preferences.


For most women, breast reconstruction can be an important aid in the healing process. The changes caused by a mastectomy or other operation varies greatly from person to person, so every breast reconstruction is an individual procedure. Breast reconstruction surgery can change and alter the breast shape, but there are limitations in restoring the exact feel and appearance compared to the breast that has been removed.

Breast reconstruction surgery can be performed at the same time as the mastectomy in many cases. However, if you require further healing time from associated cancer treatments, the breast reconstruction can be delayed.


Outcomes are variable depending on underlying conditions, and reconstructed breasts won’t have the full range of feeling as the breast removed. There will also be visible incision lines on the breast as a result of the mastectomy or reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction techniques performed by Dr Laniewski include tissue expansion with a breast prosthesis(implant) and autologous techniques.
In Tissue expansion technique the remaining breast tissue post mastectomy is expanded over successive weeks until it is ready for placement of a breast prostheses(implant). It is important to note that the procedure can be temporarily uncomfortable until the process is completed.

In some cases, an autologous muscle and/or tissue flap nrecosntruction is appropriate. After this procedure it is important to understand that the shape of the reconstructed breasts will generally be in symmetry however there can be variations in skin colour and texture. In this situation, there will also be incision lines at the donor site, typically located in the buttocks, back or abdomen. Further improvements in symmetry may also be achieved by undergoing a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction for the opposite unaffected breast.

Nipple reconstruction is another procedure that will assist in changing the breasts appearance. The nipple is usually removed during a mastectomy as a caution against the return of any cancer. Nipple reconstruction is often an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthesia. Many women have nipple reconstruction done after breast reconstruction when tissues have settled and healed. Adjustments to the position or size of the breast can also be carried out at the same time the nipple and areola are being rebuilt.


Coming to the point of breast reconstruction surgery is the end of a long road toward full recovery from a mastectomy or other medical condition. The surgery itself can take from one to six hours and recovery will initially be in a hospital room. During this time you will be monitored closely, and there will be some discomfort for several days.

By the second or third day, most patients are able to walk around unaided. The length of the hospital stay is usually only a couple of days, or up to five or six days for patients who have undergone a flap procedure. During this time you will probably require IV fluids and drains at the incision sites.

Breast reconstruction surgery requires multiple consultations and careful planning in consultation with patient and saurgeon.

Dr Laniewski and his staff will provide all information for ongoing at-home care and recovery. Soreness and swelling will continue for approximately two or three weeks, and you will be required to apply medications and change bandages for practical wound care and healing.

It will be a couple of weeks before greater movement and exercise is performed comfortably, and a return to work is usually possible within two months. There can be numbness and tightness around incision and surgery areas, but in time considerable feeling may return to your breasts. During this time the shape of your reconstructed breast will also improve.

Breast Reconstruction Before and After Photos

Breast reconstruction before and after, image 01, angle view

breast reconstruction before and after, image 01, angle view

Breast reconstruction patient, before and after gallery, image 02

Breast reconstruction patient, before and after gallery, image 02


Individual results may vary. You may need to seek a second opinion.
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