Labiaplasty – Post Op Instructions

  • You will only experience mild discomfort in the first few days which can be managed by Panadol and antibiotics to ease any discomfort and encourage healing.
  • Salt bathes and ice can also be used to ease swelling and you can wash as usual.
  • Wear loose cotton underwear/clothing for the first few days.
  • Wearing a panty line after the procedure is recommended as there may be some slight bleeding. NB: you will not be able to use tampons for the first few weeks.
  • Sutures are dissolvable so you don’t need to worry about having them removed.
  • You can resume work 3 — 5 days following the procedure.
  • Can resume normal duties within first week
  • No gym or strenuous work for 4 – 6 weeks following surgery.
  • No sexual intercourse for 6 — 8 weeks following surgery.
  • No swimming for 6 weeks following surgery.
  • Heal light is highly recommended three times a week or at least two times a week for 4 — 5 weeks.
  • Post op appointment will be scheduled for two weeks with Dr Laniewski in his rooms.