Breast Augmentation Photos

Do you have a smaller breast size that is not in proportion to your body? Did your breasts lose their shape and volume after pregnancy or breastfeeding? Do you have sagging breasts due to ageing or significant weight loss? If so, you may find that breast augmentation is a great option for you to achieve a more youthful breast contour. This surgery makes use of implants to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. Take some time to view our breast augmentation photos of actual patients in Dr Laniewski clinic in Sydney.

Suitable candidates for the surgery

Not everyone can have the procedure so we’ll assess your general health during your initial consultation. You’re a suitable candidate if:

  • You don’t smoke.
  • You have fully developed breasts.
  • You have low self-esteem due to the appearance of your breasts.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You have sagging breasts.
  • You have a smaller breast size.

Types of breasts implants

The type of implants that will be used for your surgery will depend on your body type and desired results. There are two types of breast implants:

  • Saline-filled implants: This type of implant has an outer shell filled with sterile salt water.
  • Silicone gel-filled implants: The outer shell of this breast implant has silicone plastic gel.

How the surgery is performed

Your surgeon will administer general anaesthesia during the procedure. Once it has taken effect, your surgeon will make a cut in your breast area. The incision technique will depend on the type of implant and your desired results. The cut can be made along your areola, under your breast, or in your armpit. After the cut is made, your surgeon will insert the implant into your breast pocket. Depending on your body type, the implant can be inserted under your chest muscle or behind the breast tissue. Once the breast implants are properly secured, your surgeon will close the incisions. A gauze or dressing will be applied over your surgical wounds to prevent infection and injury.

After you’ve checked our breast augmentation photos and now you are ready for more details, please visit our main breast augmentation page, or contact us and schedule an appointment with Dr Peter Laniewski.