Otoplasty Photos

Large, protruding ears can cause both emotional and functional concerns. Children often experience teasing and taunting due to the appearance of their ears, while adults may find it awkward to wear glasses or hats, or feel reluctant to wear their hair up. Thankfully, ear surgery is available to improve the shape, position and proportion of the ears in both children and adults. If you are considering undergoing an otoplasty procedure, take a look at Dr Laniewski’s before and after photos to see if his work appeals to you.

What is otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the cartilage in the ears, allowing them to lie closer to the side of the head. This can create a more natural shape and bring balance and proportion to the ears and face.

The otoplasty procedure is performed through the following steps:

Incisions: Dr Laniewski will make an incision at the back of the ears.

Reshaping the ear: Excess skin and cartilage is removed and the ear is reattached. In some cases, no skin or cartilage is removed, and the ears are simply stitched to the skin with small sutures.

Closing the stitches: Dr Laniewski will then close your incisions with sutures.

Otoplasty candidates

If you are concerned by the appearance of overly large, protruding or misshapen ears, you may be a candidate for otoplasty. As the ears are the first part of the body to develop to their adult size, otoplasty can be performed on children as young as four years old. Contact Dr Laniewski’s clinic in Sydney to determine whether you are the ideal candidate for this procedure.

Recovery information

Following an otoplasty procedure, Dr Laniewski will cover your ears with bandages and give you a headband to wear in order to protect the new shape of your ears. You will need to avoid putting pressure on your ears in the weeks following surgery and sleeping on your back is recommended.

Dr Laniewski will give you specific instructions regarding post-operative care and will let you know when you will be fit to return to your regular activities.


If you have checked our otoplasty photos and you are ready to hear more details about ear surgery, please contact our clinic and schedule your consultation with Dr Peter Laniewski.