Medik8 Chemical Peel

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Superfacial Enzyme Peel
The Superfacial Peel is the best option for those wishing to brighten their skin tone. The Superfacial peel contains papain, a naturally derived enzyme that digests superficial dead skin cells. The enzymatic action ensures that the skin is left radiant, with no peeling and minimal erythema, guaranteeing minimal downtime. The Superfacial is recommended for clients who have normal or sensitive skin and who want a natural alternative to a chemical peel.

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Light Peel

The Light Peel is a mild treatment for blemish prone and lightly wrinkled skin, it gently diminishes excess sebum, signs of ageing and light scarring. The light peel accelerates the natural exfoliating process of the skin, stimulates collagen and evens skin tone thanks to Lactic acid, Mandelic acid and Lactobionic acid. It is recommended for clients looking for an introduction to chemical peels and wanting to enhance their facial treatment experience.

Age Peel

The age Peel is the perfect treatment to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It contains an effective combination of acids specifically designed for ageing skin to fade away imperfections leaving the skin smooth and renewed. It is the perfect treatment for clients who want maximum results and minimum downtime.

White Peel

The White peel is the most effective way to achieve a brighter and even skin tone, its is especially designed to target sun damage and reduce the appearance of unwanted discolouration. The white peel contains a unique blend of complimentary acids to help tackle melisma, post Dinflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun damage and age spots.

Beta Peel

The Beta peel rapidly brings blemish prone skin under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future outbreaks. It counteracts all three fronts of skin blemishes by targeting each assault individually: blocked pores, bacterial infection and inflammation. The beta peel can be used on the face and other body parts concerned with skin blemishes such as back and décolletage.

Results can be seen from the very first treatment, and for best results we recommend a course of six treatments. The use of topical Vitamin C and A two weeks before, throughout and continually after the treatment can maximize the results of this skin rejuvenation procedure.