What is a breast lift? What does it involve and what does it do?

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What is a breast lift? What does it involve and what does it do?

Breast surgeries offer a woman the ability to correct concerns with her breasts. While most breast surgeries focus on increasing the size of smaller breasts or reducing the size of larger natural breasts, the breast lift procedure offers its own set of benefits. Many women consider combining their augmentation or reduction with a breast lift, in order to get the best in cosmetic results from their surgery.

Just what is a breast lift, and how can it help you to see better results from your augmentation or reduction?

Learning about the breast lift procedure

As the name of the procedure would indicate, the breast lift is a surgical procedure that lifts sagging or drooping breasts to a higher and more youthful placement on the chest. Breasts that have lost volume, whether post-pregnancy and breastfeeding or as a result of weight loss, can often lose their firm perkiness. While this is completely natural, it can take a toll on self-confidence levels. Restoring the breasts with a breast lift can help to restore that confidence, and also allow a woman to feel comfortable again with her own body.

There are a number of techniques that are used for the breast lift procedure. The one that your specialist plastic surgeon Dr Peter Laniewski will use will be largely dependent on your unique physique and your cosmetic goals. Excess skin may be removed and tightened, to reshape and firm up the breast. The nipple and areola may be moved to a more youthful position. The results of the surgery will be breasts that sit higher on the chest and provide the youthful contours that women are looking for.

The benefits of combining the breast lift with other breast surgeries

The breast lift procedure is a very effective stand-alone procedure and will produce the cosmetic results that women are hoping for. Combining the lift procedure with a reduction or an augmentation can bring with it a number of benefits for the patient:

  • Combination surgery is considered to be just as safe for the patient as a single surgery
  • If combining with an implant procedure, there’ll be much less lifting and filling out needed
  • Combination surgery may reduce the overall recovery time, versus having two separate surgeries and scars
  • Combination surgery can prove to be a much less expensive option over having the two surgeries on their own

During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and discuss any concerns that you may have about the breast lift procedure.

Things you need to know

While the combination of a breast lift and augmentation or reduction offers a number of benefits, this combination procedure requires the skills of an experienced specialist plastic surgeon, such as Dr Peter Laniewski. All breast surgeries will require knowledge and experience in order to get the right results and to reduce the potential for complications during healing.

Be sure that your surgeon can provide you with a portfolio of before and after photos of procedures performed on former patients. This will allow you to see the level of skill that your surgeon can off you.

Make sure that you are in good physical health and that you have quit smoking several months prior to your procedure. This can help you to further reduce the potential for complications during the surgery and during the healing process.

Pay attention to any and all preoperative and postoperative instructions provided to you by Dr Peter Laniewski, or your specialist plastic surgeon. These instructions are designed to help you ensure that you get only the best in results from your procedure.

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