Acne Clearing Solution

Acnelan is an intensive treatment for acne-prone skin types. This professional treatment clears blocked pores, removes impurities & improves the skin texture.

Products Included in Acnelan Home Care

It can be safely used to the whole face excluding sensitive areas such as eyes and lips. It will reduce & remove bacteria from the deeperlayers of the skin.

There is a significant process of shedding during the course of this treatment, which may last up to 1-2 weeks post treatment.

The Acnelan treatment plan contains three treatment sessions at 15-21 day intervals to ensure all bacteria beneath the surface is cleared. This treatment can be done between 2-4 times yearly depending on individual patients.

The package also includes 5 homecare products that must be used in conjunction with the professional treatments. This will ensure the maximum result is achieved.

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Acnelan Treatment & Home Care

  • Includes 3 Professional Treatments
  • 2 Complimentary LED Light Treatments
  • Purifying Mousse 150ml
  • Imperfection Control 10ml
  • Pure Renewing Mask 100ml
  • Acne One 50ml
  • Post Procedure Fast Skin Repair 50ml

Prices range from $700