Surface Hyperchromia Treatment

Immediate action skin rejuvenating treatment
Mesoeclat helps promote the body’s natural defenses and cell
regeneration, giving the skin all the necessary elements for improved
nourishment and optimum hydration.

The result is a rejuvenating effect that brightens and revitalizes the face in a minimum time span, leaving the skin softer and more uniform.

There is a significant process of shedding during the course of this treatment, which may last up to 1-2 weeks post treatment.

The mesoeclat method consists of three complementary systems, whose aim is to:

  • Stimulate the renewal of the surface layers of the epidermis (pigmentation removal/lightening)
  • Increase the luminosity of the skin
  • Moisturize the deeper layers of the skin
  • Eliminate wrinkles and expression lines
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The mesoeclat system is an intensive rejuvenation program consisting of 5 session of treatment at 15-day intervals.

For deeper results the upgrade of the M.Derma can be added to penetrate active ingredients to the dermal area of the skin.

  • Mesoeclat Course, 5 sessions – $990
  • Including Mesoeclat Maintenance Cream (RRP $283)
  • Optional: M.Derma Pen Upgrade Per Treatment – $50
  • Single Sessions $220
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