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About Dr. Peter

  • About Dr. Peter

    Cosmetic Surgery Sydney

    Dr Peter Laniewski offers a full range of cosmetic surgery options to help you achieve a change in your physical appearance. When you are considering a surgical procedure you want to ensure you are in the hands of the plastic surgeon who you consider to be the best plastic surgeon in Sydney. Dr Laniewski has over 2 decades of advanced surgical training in both London and Sydney.

    There are many plastic surgeons across Sydney and Dr Laniewski believes in offering a personal approach to all procedures. Each patient is unique and thus each cosmetic surgery must be performed with the utmost care and attention to detail to suit each individual’s needs.


    Some of the cosmetic surgery options that plastic surgeon Dr Laniewski offers are:

    How do I choose the best plastic surgeon for me?

    When you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Sydney for you there are many factors you should consider. The level of your surgeon’s experience, the surgeon’s results, cost as well as the personal demeanor of your plastic surgeon .This can all influence your decision. Dr Laniewski believes in listening to each of his patients and providing a tailored solution to their requirements. Cosmetic surgery is not a decision to be taken lightly so ensure you choose the best plastic surgeon in Sydney for you.

    Regardless of whether you require a course of anti-wrinkle injections or a more complicated plastic surgery procedure such as a traditional tummy tuck, Dr Laniewski has a solution for you. Surgery is not always the answer to achieve dramatic results, if your requests lean toward a more non-invasive solution Dr Laniewski will not hesitate to recommend a non-surgical option. Plastic surgery is all about you, so plastic surgeons will endeavour to provide you with the correct solution, not the most expensive one.

    Why choose Dr Laniewski?

    Dr Laniewski’s patients often make comment on his ability to truly understand what is they want and how they believe it will help them. Dr Laniewski understands that each individual turns to plastic surgery for different reasons, so he believes in listening to all of their concerns, hopes and queries to ensure they are comfortable with their decision.

    Dr Laniewski offers a long list of plastic surgery procedures that can help you achieve the look that you desire. Through surgical and non-surgical procedures he can help you reach your beauty goals. Whether you are choosing cosmetic surgery for a purely aesthetic change or to correct a previous surgery or medical issue, Dr Laniewski offers a unique and individualised style of care and treatment.

    Book a consultation

    When you are ready to find out more about plastic surgery or to investigate if Dr Laniewski is the best plastic surgeon in Sydney for you contact us on 1300 322 337. You can book a private face-to-face consultation with Dr Laniewski to discuss all your concerns and what you hope to achieve through cosmetic plastic surgery.  


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