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CoolSculpting: Targeted Fat Removal, Custom-Tailored for You

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary new procedure which will rapidly eliminate stubborn body fat deposits with no painful surgery or recovery time. The latest breakthrough in fat reduction technology, the FDA-cleared treatment utilises controlled cooling to directly target and eliminate fat deposits.

Why suffer painful cosmetic surgery and lengthy recovery times when you don’t have to? With this procedure, you can have targeted fat reduction with amazing results – and virtually no recovery time. You can get the look you’ve been dreaming about without worrying about taking time away from your busy schedule.

Helping You Overcome Stubborn Fat Removal

Do you have areas on your body that simply won’t respond to diet or exercise? Many people have what’s known as ‘stubborn fat’ on their bodies. These are the areas that store fat – no matter how hard you work. Whether you hit the gym every day or diet strictly, this is the type of fat that simply won’t go away.

Fortunately, you now have a solution to overcome these types of deposits on your body. CoolSculpting is highly effective at eliminating stubborn fat that may be resistant to exercise or diet changes. That way, you can look even better with this high potency fat elimination method.

With proven results, CoolSculpting continues to satisfy and delight clients worldwide. The effects are noticeable, long-lasting and designed to deliver results that other fat removal strategies can’t.

How CoolSculpting Works for You

“Freezing the fat away? How does this really work?”

These are the types of questions many clients ask first when they learn about CoolSculpting. After all, the idea almost seems too good to be true. Fat reduction and elimination for stubborn areas on your body? Minimal recovery time despite these outstanding results? How can this procedure offer so much?

The answer to these questions comes down to a science. Scientific research and advancements have all contributed to the full development of this technology.

Here’s how the procedure works to deliver these outstanding results:

Fat Cell Isolation: Fat cells can be frozen at higher temperatures compared to surrounding tissues. That means that CoolSculpting can directly target your body fat – without affecting the surrounding tissue. This allows for highly precise cooling technology to target and eliminate fat under your skin.

Precise Cooling System: Using this precise method to target fat, the technology delivers a controlled level of cooling to specific fat cells. These fat cells are frozen/crystallised under the skin which kills them.

Natural Healing: Once fat cells are frozen and die, your body takes care of the elimination. The human body already possesses natural processes to eliminate dead cells. As a result, it will take the crystallised fat cells out of your body – without the need for surgical intervention. This means you can get back to your life faster without being put out of commission to recover.

Reshape Your Body with a Custom-Designed Treatment Plan

Because of the high level of precision with CoolSculpting technology, you can reshape your body to your exact specifications. A customised treatment plan will directly address all the problem areas on your body with stubborn fat. That way, you can get the precise results you want to look amazing!

What It’s Like in the Office

Do you want to know what a typical CoolSculpting treatment process looks like? Have a look and see how quickly and easily you can get the fat removal results you’ve always wanted:

Get Your Custom-Developed Treatment Plan

Dr Peter Laniewski and his team will help you develop a specific treatment plan to get the precise results you’re looking for. For many patients, one treatment is all that is necessary for optimal results. However, some patients with different objectives may require multiple visits to achieve their desired results.

Sit Back, Relax and Be Comfortable

Our goal is to help you get high impact results without suffering from undue pain or discomfort. The procedure itself will cause you to feel intense cool during the first few minutes – along with some tightness or pressure. However, this coolness subsides in most patients within a few minutes.

Beyond the initial coolness, the process is otherwise minimally painful and uncomfortable. In fact, many patients read, watch a movie or simply take a nap as the CoolSculpting procedure is performed.

Get Back to Your Life with Minimal Downtime

CoolSculpting utilises targeted fat cell crystallisation to specifically focus on unwanted fat – without surgical intervention. In most cases you can immediately get back to your life after the procedure. Your body’s natural healing processes will remove the targeted fat cells over the course of a few weeks.

Some patients report localised pain, redness and swelling in the targeted areas. Bruising is also fairly common during the healing process. However, these side effects are relatively minor. Most patients can return to work or home immediately without any issues.

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

If you’re considering the procedure, an initial consultation can help determine whether you’re a suitable candidate. Generally, the procedure is best-suited for people with stubborn fat seeking out targeted removal.

CoolSculpting generally works for:

CoolSculpting doesn’t work for:

  • Obese patients who may need Gastric Bypass Surgery.
  • People who are looking to lose weight all over their body.

In many cases, people who are seeking out liposuction can get similar targeted results using CoolSculpting. The CoolSculpting option also eliminates the need for surgery – and allows for a faster recovery time. No matter what your specific requirements are, it’s important to speak to a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr Peter Laniewski to ensure an appropriate treatment plan to achieve your fat removal or weight loss goals.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Dr Peter Laniewski and his team are happy to sit down with you and discuss how CoolSculpting can yield the fat-reduction results you’ve been waiting for. The team will help you develop a detailed plan to achieve your specific objectives. You can also get a better understanding of the cost for the procedure as this varies based on patient needs and the extent of the treatment plan.

Schedule a consultation today to learn about this scientific breakthrough that can bring you targeted fat reduction to help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

CoolSculpting Before and After Photos

Fat freezing before and after, photo 10, male patient, front view

Fat freezing before and after, photo 10, male patient, front view

Body fat freezing, before and after photo 09, female patient, Dr Laniewski

Body fat freezing, before and after photo 09, female patient, Dr Laniewski

Fat freezing before and after, photo 04, male tummy

Fat freezing before and after, photo 04, male tummy